If you’ve been waiting to get some bottles of the Blanton’s barrel aged Blackbeerd from Coast Brewing, then you better start scouring. Yes, the brewery said on Saturday that it was sold out of bottles of this year’s release.

The beer was released on Saturday, December 1st and has been receiving rave reviews since then. The brewery made about 70 cases worth and sold nearly 3/4 of them at the release. It marked the biggest release of Blackbeerd yet. This year’s barrel aged Blackbeerd spent 11 months aging in Blanton’s barrels, which is the longest period of time that Coast has ever aged the beer. If you’re unfamiliar with Blanton’s, it is a bourbon distilled in Kentucky at Buffalo Trace Distillery. It’s a favorite of many, including David Merritt of Coast Brewing.

If you’re still looking for bottles, you might be able to find some in the Charleston area at various retail shops. You might also be fortunate enough to find it on tap at several finer establishments in Charleston. This might help you locate some:

If you’re looking for non-barrel aged Blackbeerd, that might be coming along soon from the brewery. No date has been set, but if Coast is to release it, then expect it in the next few months. Although, there the brewery said it a blog post that it may take some of this year’s edition of Blackbeerd and put it in the Blanton’s barrels to age. And the way the current barrel aged release is tasting, we’d have no problem with that.

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