Having just announced the first beers of the upcoming Brewvival festival last week, there has been no waste of time in unveiling more.

The festival announced this weekend that Holy City Brewing in Charleston will kick in three beers for the annual celebration. They include the brewery’s brown ale, Pecan Dream, that has been aged in bourbon barrels for about 4 months. Also on the list is the brewery’s first barleywine called Manuel Fantastico. Finally, if you went to the festival last year, you might remember the Notorious P.I.G., which was a bacon porter. One of the hits of that festival, it will return for another spin. However, this time, chocolate will be added to make it an even better treat.

If you’ve ever had any of Holy City’s beers, you know how great they are. (They did just deliver South Carolina a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival this past year). While last year’s success at Brewvival might be difficult to top for a lot of breweries, Holy City looks to do it with ease.

More details about these great beers can be viewed on the Brewvival website: http://brewvival.com/beer.

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