Conquest Box Label Black With Glow

In their adventure to open, Conquest Brewing has had to do a lot of waiting – whether it be on equipment or licensing. However, the brewery announced late last night that the wait is finally over and the brewery will open soon. Conquest had been waiting on their state license to in order to open its doors. The federal license had been granted weeks before. Now, it’s time to start brewing beer.

No date has been announced for when the taproom will open, but the brewery did say that it will be  pouring its beers at the World Beer Festival in Columbia on Saturday, January 19th. If you’re interested in going, then you can purchase tickets here: The festival has not released a list of participating brewers, but in the past, Coast, New South, Palmetto, RJ Rockers, Thomas Creek, and Westbrook beers have been served. The festival is sponsored by All About Beer Magazine and will be in Columbia for its fifth year running.


Conquest becomes the first craft brewery in Columbia. It will begin with a 3 barrel brewing system and grow from there. Look for their beers in and around Columbia, starting in the coming weeks.


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