North Charleston’s Coast Brewing wants your help. But this goes beyond wanting you to drink their beers. Although, you probably already do that anyway. No, there’s something else that the brewery is looking for from you.

Last Friday, Coast announced that it was going to be a part of the newly unveiled Funding Charleston project. The site’s mission is simple: to grow Charleston companies with capital needed to fuel their growth. If you’re familiar with Kickstarter, it’s pretty much like that, except for Charleston companies. Like Kickstarter, a business owner will create a project that needs funding. A fundraising goal is then set and then the work starts on gathering contributions. A time period is selected to run the campaign and at the end of the time, the company keeps what they raise, but Funding Charleston gets a 10% cut.

Ok, so that’s how it works. But, what is Coast trying to do? Well, trying to expand the brewery, of course! The goal of the project is to expand the brewery to a 30bbl system. The brewery currently operates on a 7bbl system and has three 14bbl fermenters. Most of the funds collected will go towards getting more brewing equipment. The rest will be spent on a taproom and having the brewery be more green with energy efficient lighting, and other renovations. The issue that arises is that it is unclear whether Coast will be expanding their existing brewery located in the Navy Yard or building a completely new one or leasing another building somewhere else. The brewery’s lease is up this year; however, the possibility does exist that expansion can happen at the existing location.

Expanding the brewery is also beneficial because demand for Coast beers is very high. A lot of venues in the Charleston area can’t carry the beer because there just isn’t enough of it. Expanding would allow for more production and thus, more places for you to go to have some.

As of the writing of this post, 54 days are left to donate and nearly $800.00 has been raised on the way to Coast’s $40,000.00 goal. Coast is also offering you incentives to donate, besides more amazing beer. Here’s the breakdown:

$10.00 – Your name will be listed on the supporter website.

$25.00 – You’ll receive a signed photo from a “moment in time” during expansion. Your name will be listed on the supporter website.

$50.00 – You’ll get that signed photo and a special supporter t-shirt.

$100.00 – Gets you a special acid etched supporter growler and one fill.

$500.00 – Gets you a gift package which includes 6 specialty beers (some vintage and some one time release), that special supporter growler and 6 fills.

$1,000.00 – Gets you that gift package, the special supporter growler and 12 fills, the supporter t-shirt, and two party tickets to go to a gathering for all the folks who helped expand the brewery.

$2,500.00 – Gets you the gift package, the growler and 12 fills, party tickets for 4, and special supporter apparel (4 t-shirts, 4 sweatshirts and 4 pieces of glassware).

$5,000.00 – All of that, plus a custom Coast tap handle, and you get to name a beer (pending Coast approval).

$10,000.00 – You get the gift and apparel package, the special growler, the party tickets for 4, a private beer and BBQ event for 50, a Coast beer named in your honor, and one of Coast’s fermenters will display your name.

If you’d like to contribute or read some more about the project, then head here to support Coast

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