Ever heard of SAVOR? It’s kind of a big deal. It’s considered the standard for what a beer and food pairing event should be. Here’s how the festival describes itself:

A must-attend for craft beer aficionados and foodies alike for five years running in Washington D.C., SAVOR offers a memorable craft beer and food experience to a limited number of attendees in New York City in 2013. Event tickets have consistently sold out in a matter of days, so don’t wait to purchase yours! Guests enjoy a reception-style sampling of sweet and savory appetizers and craft beers from 70 breweries. They will also have the unique opportunity to converse with the luminaries of the craft beer industry—brewery owners, brewers and representatives will be on hand personally serving their beer.

Sound like a good time? It is. So, this year, the Brewers Association has moved the event from DC to NYC. You won’t find any Pace Thick and Chunky there, but you will find a great reception style event with other things. But this is not some ordinary wedding reception type of event. It’s a reception with awesome food and beer. The menu is designed by Brewers Association culinary consultant Adam Dulye, chef/owner of The Monk’s Kettle and The Abbot’s Cellar in San Francisco. So, the food will be fantastic. Breweries who want to be a part of the event have to apply and then participate in a lottery. So, it’s pretty elite. This year, there were about 200 applicants, of which, 60 breweries were selected in addition to the 16 supporting breweries that the event has. The 76 participating breweries come from 26 states.

It’s a big deal to be selected. And this year, RJ Rockers will be representing South Carolina and our beer community at this festival in New York City.

They’ll be side by side with breweries such as Cigar City, The Bruery, and Three Floyds. Very good company.

This won’t be the first trip for the Spartanburg brewery to the festival either. It previously made the trip in 2011. Here’s the profile that SAVOR used back then:

RJ Rockers, a South Carolina microbrewery and brewpub turned full-scale production brewery, dishes out a creative mix of craft brews, patriotism, and an environmentally-friendly brewing process – all music to the ears of DC beer-lovers.   Founder and Gulf War veteran Mark Johnson, who found his love for craft beer while stationed in Germany, started RJ Rockers brewpub in 1997.  In 2002, Mark made the transition to a full-scale production brewery, and won Gold for his Light Rock Ale at The Great American Brew Fest in 2009.  RJ Rockers runs its broiler off of solar power, recycles 90% of its leftover water and 99% of its waste, and has a long-term goal of being 100% energy self-sufficient.  Son of a Peach Wheat Ale, which won gold at the 2009 LA International Beer Competition, will be available this weekend at Rockers’ first SAVOR appearance along with their Bell Ringer Ale.  Other beers from RJ Rockers include the Bald Eagle Brown Ale, Buckwheat After Dark (BAD) Ale (a Dunkelweizen), and Black Perle Dark IPA.

If you’re interested in making the trip, then you can buy tickets on April 17th. If you’re a member of either the American Homebrewers Association or the Brewers Association, then you can take part in a pre-sale on April 16th. The event sells out quick, so plan ahead if you want to go.

For more information, check out: http://www.savorcraftbeer.com/

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