UPDATE (2/13/13 8:00AM) The festival is about out of tickets. Brewvival posted a Facebook message yesterday that Coast is sold out of tickets, CBX has less than 5, and there are less than 50 online. Also, I have learned that GBX is sold out as well. Additionally, the festival is half sold out for the Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, and James Island shuttles. In other words, you need to buy today if you haven’t already.

UPDATE (2/12/13 6:55AM) The festival is nearly a sell out. The Brewvival Twitter account posted late last night that less than 50 tickets were left, most of which were online. Most likely, the event will sell out today or tomorrow. Again, you might get lucky and find a few physical tickets at Coast, CBX, and GBX. Don’t chance it, though.

UPDATE (2/9/13 2:10PM) The festival is almost sold out. There are less than 100 online tickets remain. Coast has about 6 physical tickets remaining at the brewery.

UPDATE (2/8/13 8:50AM) The festival is almost sold out. Per a message from Coast, about 100 online tickets remain. There are about 10 physical tickets at the brewery. You might also be able to find a few at the Charleston and Greenville Beer Exchanges.

A couple of Fridays from now, many craft beer geeks from all over will be descending on Charleston for the annual Brewvival festival. But, not all of them will be going to this paradise of craft brewing. There are less than 300 tickets left and the rest seem to be selling fast. Rich Carley, co-owner of the Charleston & Greenville Beer Exchanges says, “We expect the event to be sold out sometime next week. The time to act is now, otherwise there are going to be quite a few disappointed people.” You can take what Carley says to the bank. While in the past you might have been able to find a few spare tickets at the festival gate, this year is different. With less tickets being offered than in the past, spots are at a premium.

Attendees also need to lock down their transportation in the next few days. Several shuttles are about to be cancelled. Most shuttles are doing pretty well, but the festival is about to cancel the West Ashley, James Island, and Mount Pleasant shuttles due to lack of interest. The Mount Pleasant shuttle leaves Moultrie Plaza at 10:30am and returns at 5:15pm. The West Ashley shuttle leaves Harris Teeter on Savannah Highway at 11:45am and returns at 6:00. The James Island shuttle leaves the Old South Buffalo South parking lot/Boat Place on Folly at 11:30am and returns at 6:00pm. All shuttles are $10 round trip. The ticket price is what it costs to run the shuttles, so each one needs to sell out in order to make it happen. Carley says that “We know people like to wait until the last minute, but we have to be able to pay for these. Folks need to lock these down now.”

Even though the ticket price increased this year, attendees will see a pay off. “We actually have more beer than we know what to do with,” Carley says. And it’s all fantastic, rare beer. It’s a good problem to have.

Most South Carolina breweries will be in action, in addition to quite a few others. All of whom will be bringing some really great stuff that you might not see again. If you’re thinking of going and don’t have a ticket, then you might want to act right now.

More information is available here:


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