Quest Brewing had a busy weekend. On Friday, the Greenville News dedicated an entire column to Quest. You can read that right here:

The article got passed around quite a bit and the social media world was full of excitement. Quest took advantage of that by announcing that night that its website had gone live. You can view it here:

Among other things found on the website were both the initial lineup of beers that Quest would offer, in addition to teasing a grand opening. Right now, the website lists the opening as Saturday, May 11. However, the brewery has said:

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our announcement revealing the details of our grand opening.  We will be kicking it off in style with live music, food, and … oh yeah…BEER!

Whether the event stays on May 11 is subject to change depending on licensing, equipment, and whether the beer is ready! But, the grand opening should take place in May.

The initial slate of beers offered by Quest come from its Legendary Series. Included are: Smoking Mirror Porter (Smoked Porter), Golden Fleece BPA (Belgian Pale Ale), Ellida IA (West Coast style IPA), and Kaldi Coffee Stout (Imperial Coffee Stout). Quest will also have several other lines, including a seasonal series, a sour series, and a barrel aged series.

Here are brief descriptions provided by the brewery of its four flagships:

Smoking Mirror Porter

Named after the Aztec relic of Tezcatlipoca, This mystic ale is brewed with 6 varieties of malts including a touch of peated malt in order to create a subtle smoke character.  It is delicately hopped with an intense malt backbone.

Golden Fleece BPA

This beer is named after Jason and his band of Argonauts who set out on a quest for the fleece in order to place Jason rightfully on the throne of  Thessaly.  Golden Fleece BPA is an easy-drinking, refreshing beer yet has enough character to please the beer connoisseur.  Local malt from Riverbend Malt House is used to add to the flavor complexity.

Ellida IPA

This west coast style IPA is our tribute to Norse and their quests and adventures.  ELLIDA was a legendary magic dragon ship also known as the first ship of the north. This Viking ale is brewed with loads of hops and balanced out with 5 varieties of malts.  Local malt from Riverbend Malthouse is used to add to the flavor complexity.

Kaldi Cofee Stout

Kaldi was the Ethiopian goat-herder who discovered the coffee plant, according to popular legend.  This stout is brewed with West End Coffee Company’s freshly-roasted beans and cacao nibs.  The end result is a complex, smooth beer that will sure to intrigue the palette.

The brewery has even included the calories in each beer, along with the malts and hops it took to make it. There are even recommended food pairings.

Quest also received some new equipment this weekend. A new brite tank to be exact. Now, the brewery is working hard to get everything set up and operational.

Quest’s opening is going to be big. But, not being until May, the brewery hopes that the website will give you enough information to wet your beak until then.


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