Greenville’s Community Tap said yesterday that only 28 tickets out of 400 offered were left for its April Craft Beer Festival. Last week, there were only 48 tickets left and they seem to be selling at a pretty brisk pace.

Co-owner Mike Okupinski said that he expected the event to be sold out by Saturday. The store was working to try an offer a few additional tickets, but that was still up in the air. The official brewery list has been announced and on Friday, the festival will post most of the beers that will be pouring. Anywhere between 5-8 may not be announced at that time. In total, the festival will offer right above 70 beers for your enjoyment. Of the 30 participating breweries, 5 are South Carolina breweries. They include Coast, Holy City, RJ Rockers, Thomas Creek, and Westbrook.

If you still need tickets, then you better act quickly. You can go here to get them:

The event is Saturday, April 13th at the Larkin’s Saw Mill in Greenville.

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