Today marks possibly the most important test the Pint Bill has seen yet. A Senate Judiciary subcommittee will meet to discuss and debate the bill. Many South Carolina brewers are expected to be in attendance where they will testify about the necessity for and benefits that the Pint Bill would provide them. The Senate is known as the General Assembly’s “deliberative body”, and who knows what that means for the fate of the bill. While the bill is expected to pass the subcommittee with a favorable recommendation for the entire Judiciary committee, it is unknown if any amendments will be proposed that would dramatically change the bill. The Senate subcommittee is certain to make a linguistic change as the House Judiciary subcommittee did, but that won’t impact the bill. Once the bill clears the subcommittee, it then goes to the full Judiciary committee. Following that, it goes to the Senate floor.

On the House side of things, the Pint Bill welcomed a new sponsor. That being Representative James Merrill from Daniel Island. He has served in the House since 2000 and is the former Majority Leader. You can read more about Rep. Merrill here:

If you need an explanation of the bill, then head here:

For the how-to pass the bill guide, head here:

You can also use this link to see who your legislators are:

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