Very quietly yesterday, without much pomp and circumstance, the Pint Bill passed the House via a third reading of the bill. No vote was taken. It was adopted and read a third time as required. Prior to the second reading yesterday, there was some debate on the bill and an amendment to change the 64 ounces to 16 ounces was tabled. The House then voted on the bill, which passed by a vote of 71-32. If you’d like to see the vote breakdown, you can see that here:

After the bill passed through the House yesterday, it was sent to the Senate. This is how things normally work; however, there is already a companion bill in the Senate. The companion bill just passed the Senate Judiciary subcommittee earlier in the week and will go before the full Senate Judiciary committee in a few weeks. Both chambers of the General Assembly now have a two week furlough. After that, the bill will be addressed by the full committee.

It’s a great time to contact your Senators. Use this took to find them:

If you need an explanation of the Pint Bill, then head here:

For the how-to pass the bill guide, head here:

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