It has been awhile since I’ve put anything on the blog. So, let me ease back into it here with some quick notes on what is going on in South Carolina beer this week.


Well, as you might have heard, the Pint Bill was passed by the General Assembly. The only remaining piece of the puzzle is for the bill to be transmitted to Governor Haley for signature. Once the bill is transmitted, if Governor Haley decides not to sign it, the bill still becomes law after five days. However, that scenario is unlikely. It appears that the Governor will sign the bill into law. The bill goes into effect upon signature, so expect that to occur soon. Most likely, the bill will be signed this week, or at worst, in mid-June. While you might be aware of some of the details of the bill, I’ll have a blog up soon about every detail about what the new law is and what you can expect.


Tickets for Thomas Creek’s 15th anniversary party will go on sale today. The event will be July 13th in Greenville. No word on the cost of tickets or what the brewery has in store for the event, but follow their Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information.


Quest announced on its blog that it will have its grand opening to the public on July 13th. Barley’s in Greenville will host a launch party for the brewery on July 3rd. No word on what beers will be pouring, but you can most likely expect the four core beers that Quest will be producing: porter, stout, pale, and IPA. More info here:


Conquest officially opened in Columbia over the weekend and word is that it was a packed house. It becomes Columbia’s first post-Prohibition brewery. The brewery will be setting taproom hours shortly and is expected to be open several days a week.


Jaime Tenny posted a blog yesterday on Coast’s website to talk about the brewery’s future expansion and the passage of the Pint Bill. Coast is in the process of building a taproom on its present location. Tenny notes that the taproom will be very much like the brewery feel of Coast, but nicer. Also, if you do Instagram, you can find Coast there as well:


In a newsletter yesterday, Holy City announced that once the Pint Bill becomes law, it will be expanding its taproom hours. As of now, no expanded hours have been set. However, look for that soon as the Pint Bill is expected to become law within a matter of days. The brewery also recently installed a 20 tap system.


Westbrook is bottling barrel aged Mexican Cake. This comes from last year’s inaugural batch of the imperial stout. Bottles will go on sale later in June and will feature beers aged in three different types of barrels: bourbon, red wine, and apple brandy. Only 6 barrels were used to age the beer and there should be between 30-50 cases of each variant. Additionally, since the spices in Mexican Cake fade over time, the brewery added them only after aging the beer. The beer will be released only at the brewery. Be on the lookout for those dates.

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