The Beer Institute does a lot of things for the beer industry. One of their most notable contributions is the wealth of information that it collects, analyzes, and puts in report or study form. Most recently, the Institute released its annual beer consumption report. The report lists shipments of beer barrels from last year (2012), and also reports on the per capita consumption of beer by state (of those over 21).

For South Carolina, the report states that the state received 3,631,748 barrels. This puts the state at number twenty. For reference, California was number one with 22,317,858 barrels. Competitor states North Carolina and Georgia were ninth (6,167,486 bbl) and tenth (5,795,422 bbl) respectively. Those states around South Carolina in the rankings? Colorado was twenty-one with 3,628,449 bbl and Indiana was nineteen with 3,885,980.

As to per capita consumption, South Carolina placed sixteenth. The study estimated the state’s over 21 population to be 3,439,725 and the gallons of beer consumed by folks over 21 is noted as 32.7. North Dakota came in first with 45.8 gallons per person, because what else would you do in North Dakota? Other notable states: North Carolina at number thirty-five with 27.1 gallons per person and Georgia at forty-three with 25.7 gallons per person.

The report does not make a note of what percentage of beer consumed is craft beer or what percentage are locals. However, the report does note that across the country, the shipments of barrels totaled 206,177,046. The Brewers Association reports that last year, craft brewers sold  an estimated 13,235,917 barrels of beer. Now, some of that amount will be exports to other countries. The sales share of beer for craft brewers last year was 6.5%. What we do know is that craft sales continue to rise and with the increase in South Carolina breweries, the numbers will only keep going up.

You can read the report here:

More information about the Beer Institute itself can be found here:


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