Today marks a special day in the history of South Carolina beer. Bottle releases in our state are rare. Very rare. And certainly, with our laid back style down here, aren’t usually a big deal. They are relaxed. They are easy. They are in a sense, very South Carolina. Well, times appear to be changing. As big stout release days have become the rage across the country, it seems that South Carolina is about to join that club.

Today marks the release of Westbrook’s barrel aged Mexican Cake. What is this? Do you remember when the beer was first released in December of 2011? Well, this is that beer. It was put in three different kinds of barrels: Apple Brandy, Jack Daniels, and Cabernet. The spices were not added until after recently, so the beer will still have that freshly spiced taste that you are familiar with.


Ok, so the details for today. You can only get this at the brewery. These beers will not be distributed to retailers, and none of them were kegged. Bottles only. Here are the rules for today as promulgated by Westbrook:

  • Limit of 2 bottles of each version per person, for a total of 6 bottles per person.
  • Each 22oz bottle will be $20 + sales tax. Cash, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted.
  • The brewery will not hold or reserve any bottles, so please do not call/email and ask. You must come to the brewery in person to purchase them.
  • Bottle sales and tours will start at 3pm. The tasting room will open for sampling & tasting as usual at 4pm.
  • There is plenty of parking available in the large gravel lot across from the brewery. Please do not try to park in the cul-de-sac or directly next to the brewery.
  • Bottle limits could be further reduced depending on the crowd size.
  • No bottle sharing or consumption of any beer/alcoholic beverages is allowed on the brewery property or in the parking areas.
  • The brewery will be tapping a bunch of rare + cool stuff in the tasting room starting at 4pm.


Additional information:

  • The brewery has rented a tent.
  • The brewery will have picnic tables.
  • Ted’s Butcherblock and Roti Rolls will have their food trucks out to serve.
  • The brewery will begin passing out numbers at 2:30. At 3pm, numbers will be called and you’ll come and purchase your bottles.
  • When numbers are called, two lines will be formed: cash and credit/debit.

Based on internet boards, Twitter, and Facebook, today has all the makings of a very large event. People are coming in from war and wide to get some of this beer. Hopefully, everything goes off without a hitch. Usually, first time large bottle releases to have a few hiccups, so if you’re going, be prepared for that. Weather reports indicate low 80s with the chance of scattered thunderstorms. So, pack an umbrella to go with your tailgate chairs.


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