The center of the South Carolina beer universe moves to the Upstate today, as there are two major events going on that make today the biggest day in Greenville beer history.



Since 1998, Thomas Creek has become one of the biggest breweries in the state. Want to know about its beers? Well, there are plenty to choose from:

Today’s anniversary event runs from 1-6pm at the brewery. It costs $15, and is worth every penny. How far will $15 go? Check this. Your money gets you four 12 ounce beers. Why only four? Because the new Pint Law only allows you to consume 48 ounces on premises. Sorry, I tried for more. I really did.

What beers will there be? We know there will be around 10 beers, with 4 of those being casks. One of the beers will be something completely new that was made just for the party. Thomas Creek will also be serving its Brown Ale for the first time since 2003. Other things of note: there will be a homebrewing presentation and the first 100 people to arrive get a free commemorative pint glass.

Happy Birthday, Thomas Creek!



What? That wasn’t enough for you? Good news! For the first time since 1998 when Thomas Creek opened, a brewery will open in Greenville. This is Quest, the brainchild of Don Richardson and Andrew Watts. Having put their beer out into the Greenville market over the past few weeks, the reviews have been nothing but positive.

The brewery has its grand opening today from 4-10pm. Once in the door, you can grab one of the four flagship beers – Smoking Mirror Porter, Kaldi Coffee Stout, Golden Fleece BPA, and Ellida IPA — which will be on tap for sampling, pints and growler fills. Kaldi Coffee Stout has become a favorite of mine lately, and if you’re into stouts at all, I’d recommend that you try it. It is made with coffee from Greenville’s West End Coffee Company. Or if you want something hoppy, the Ellida IPA is a winner. Don is a master of crafting great IPAs, and this one is no different.

The event also features two food trucks and four bands.

Darby Wilcox & the Peepshow
Mountain Homes
Marietta’s Palm
The Bent Strings

Food Trucks:

Neue Southern


If you’re coming to Greenville and still haven’t had enough beer by the end of the day, then here are some other ideas. This can also function if you’re only attending one of the events and are looking to make this a complete weekend in Greenville. Some personal recommendations: lunch at either Lazy Goat overlooking the river ( or some mexican-southern fusion at Chicora Alley ( Great dinners can be found at American Grocery (, Devereaux’s (, Larkin’s (, and Soby’s ( If you’re looking for something a little less fancy with good beer, then head to Blue Ridge Brewing Company (, Velo Fellow (, the Green Room (, The Cazbah (, The Local Taco (, or the best beer bar in Greenville – Barley’s (

Are you still going to be thirsty? Well, Greenville boasts some great shops! The Greenville Beer Exchange ( has been rated by Rate Beer as the second best beer shop in the world. Why not check it out?  The Community Tap ( is also consistently rated as a top 50 shop in the world and also has a wonderful tasting room where you can grab a pint of your favorite beer that the shop is offering for growler fills. Other fantastic shops include The Growler Station (, What’s on Tap (, Total Wine (, Crafted Beer (, and Growler Haus (

See y’all out there! Welcome to Greenville!

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