Conquest Box Label Black With Glow

Columbia’s Conquest Brewing has a habit of living up to its name. First, it became Columbia’s first post-Prohibition brewery. Then, since opening, it has already expanded, and is on the verge of doing it again. Now, it prepares to release the first imperial stout in the Midlands. And while I don’t have my history books in front of me, it is possible that this is the first ever imperial stout local to Columbia.

This morning, the brewery announced that tonight, it would release its Brutus imperial stout. What is Brutus? Conquest describes it like this:


It took an excessively insidious human being to have the word “Brutal” added to the dictionary on his account. Marcus Junius Brutus the younger is one such individual. The infamous assassin of Julius Caesar, Brutus is forever regarded as one deserving of his name.

Pitch black in body, Brutus wields his weapons of chocolate malt, roasted barley, and oatmeal to wreak havoc on your tastebuds. With a body thick enough to coat your palate and leave his stain forever in your memory, Brutus invites you to join him in his dark quest for control of the known world.

Sounds great, right? From Conquest, here is the tale of the tape on this beer:

OG: 27.4 degrees Plato

ABV: 10.5%

Malts: American Two-Row, Dextrine Malt, American Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Rolled Oats

Hops: Warrior

IBU: 98

In the past, Columbia has often been accused of being the place where stouts go to die. The shelves of craft stores are lined with such evidence. However, lately, Columbia is experiencing a renaissance of beer and Conquest is leading the way. Here is hoping that this new stout can help put a dent in the historical stout logic in Columbia.

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