Charleston’s newest brewery opened on Saturday to a solid crowd and good reviews. Freehouse Brewery, located right on the banks of the Ashley River, offered three beers for patrons to try on opening day: Green Door IPA, Ashley Farmhouse Ale, and Bridgetown Stout. The beers are right in line with the brewery’s mission to be a farmhouse-style brewery that will be completely organic.


Owner Arthur Lucas said that he was pleased with the turnout and what had been brewed so far. He intends to be open on Saturdays until the end of the year. Once the New Year turns over, the brewery will open its doors to the public on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. As for beer, in addition to the core lineup, there will also be a brown ale that will use a Belgian yeast strain. Initial tests have turned out very positive.


The brewery operates a 15bbl brew house, which consists of three 30bbl fermenters, a 15bbl brite tank, and some re-purposed dairy tanks. The building itself is very intimate. The bar area looks right into the brew house, but you can walk right onto the deck and have a stunning view of the Ashley River, which will be perfect in spring and summer, and even some December days as we experienced recently.


You can find Freehouse Brewery on Facebook at

For a very good profile on the brewery, my friends at CHSBeer have done a very nice one:

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